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Mystic Tales


Here, you can download games from Pholi. As you can see, you can either download the most up to date version of Mystic Tales and, you can also download a version of Shugotenshi. Shugotenshi itself hasn't been updated for about 4 years, if not more. It's a pleasure for us to make this game available again for download. If it's the first time you are installing a RPGMaker game, make sure you read the small tutorial. If you have any questions, we'll be pleased to answer them in our forums, as usual.

How do I install games?

Currently, we don't offer a stand alone product with an installer. RPGMaker and some plugins are required to be able to play either Mystic Tales or Shugotenshi. Four files are required :

  1. RPGMaker2K.exe - The main proram used to make and compile the games. We used RPGMaker2000.
  2. RTPe.exe - The Run Time Package is a set of default sprites and facesets and other graphics that come with RPG maker.
  3. RTP_132e.exe - This is another Run Time Package with more sprites and facesets.
  4. RM2K_FP.exe - Font Patch. Fixes the fonts in the game.

You can download the compressed file over here (23.3 MBs). Everything is included as well as a small read me. Read it, and you shouldn't have any problem installing the files.

Choose the game you would like to have more information on.

Mystic Tales // Shugotenshi