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Mystic Tales

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a new game ?

What else if it's not for fun. We have a great time doing this and we are pleased to be able to share it to other people. It's been a long time since we made a complete game (if ever...) so this is our goal with Mystic Tales. A full featured RPG with a good story, old-school battle system and lot of monsters.

Do I need RPGMaker to run it ?

Absolutely not ! Our installer is a simple standalone executable provided to be the easiest way to install. (Ok, it's a lie ... for now. Since debugging and testing with core files is a hell lot easier, we are currently providing the files as is, without a executable. Make sure to follow our guide for installing the game.)

Requirements ?

Any modern PC are obviously able to run Mystic Tales without a problem. The game is not CPU nor GPU intensive so it can run a very low-end PC. Any PC over 200 MHz will run the game fine, so I don't think you need to worry.

Since Mystic Tales is a game made with RPGMaker, only Windows is officially supported. However, it is possible to run Mystic Tales on an Intel Macintosh or a Linux PC with the use of CrossOver. Sadly, PPC Macintosh are not supported.

What if I find a bug ?

I doubt that is possible ( ;) ), but if you really think you found something that doesn't fit in the game, just tell us in our forums, in the Bugs section.

Do you still have your older games ?

Ahh, so you want to check our older games. Since the development of these games have stopped, we don't know how complete the games are, or if there are bugs or anything. In the upcoming Download section, we will be providing a installer for our older games such as the acclaimed Shugotenshi.

Hey, you didn't answer my question !

From here, you have two options : Either use the form page in the Contact page to send us amessage or visit our forums. We do prefer the forum option since it's a great way to share our ideas with gamers all at once.